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Residintial services to adults with special needs and disabilities, located in Oconee County, SC.


Residential services are provided to advocates through two main settings:

The Community Training Home (CTH) and Supervised Living Programs, I and II.

The Community Training Home offers advocates the opportunity to live in a home-like setting with staff supervision 24 hours a day. The Tribble Center currently operates 13 Community Training Homes located throughout Oconee County. Program features include:

  • Training to increase independence

  • Medicine administration

  • Community activities

  • 24-hour support staff

The Supported Living Programs I and II (SLP) offers advocates with the ability to live independently or semi-independently with support staff, the opportunity to do so, while at the same time assisting them in areas where they require support. Advocates live in apartments or private dwellings and are provided support and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Adult Day Activity Services to adults with special needs and disabilities, located in Oconee County, SC.


Adult day services are provided to Tribble Center advocates as well as those that come from home. The program includes:

Adult Activity Center

The Center is located on The Tribble Center campus and provides advocates with training in:

  • Functional Academics

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Self-help Skills

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Exercise & Leisure Activities

  • Out and About - Community activities and exploration

  • Staff to assist the advocates with the support they need. 

Day Activity provides transportation to in-county advocates to ensure that those that want to participate in these services will be able to attend.

During this service the advocates choose what they want their day to consist of. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get the most of their time while here at the Day Program!

Early Intervention services to children in Oconee County, SC


What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention (EI) is a FREE service that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities reach their full potential.  At Tribble Center, we refer to it as "The Sky's the Limit"!  

What are the benefits of Early Intervention?

Every child grows and develops at his/her own pace. Research shows that a child’s first three years are the most important time for learning. This is the age where children are exploring the environment and establishing their foundation for learning. Research also shows that early intervention may reduce the need for special class placement or special education programs when the child reaches school age.

What does an Early Interventionist do?

An Early Interventionist is a highly trained, dedicated professional who works closely with the child and their family to help the child reach their full potential.

Our goal is to help families become educated about their child’s needs and become self-advocates for their child, provide learning activities to enhance development, and link families to available services in the community.

If you have any questions about Tribble Center please contact us.jpg


If you have any questions about our services or if you are ready to sign up your individual to receive our services, please contact us (864)-885-6055!

We are so excited to hear from you and have you be a part of our Tribble Family!

Employment Services to adults with special needs and disabilities, located in Oconee County, SC.


Employment services are offered here at Tribble Center. We spend time teaching the advocates career skills needed to maintain a job. During these services we ensure that the advocates are offered competitive pay rates. In the past many advocates with disabilities or special needs worked at a piece rate pay scale and we are proud to say that this is a practice we are moving away from.

The work is completed at a workshop located on the campus of Tribble Center where advocates have an opportunity to earn an income. Local companies bring work to the campus to be completed at the workshop and Tribble Center employees supervise the work. It is a great way to teach:

  • task completion

  • attendance

  • safety

  • problem solving

  • ​career Skills

We also offer different services to our advocates here such as Employment Services Groups (ESG) or Employment Services for Individuals (ESI).

Employment Service Groups or ESG, works on site at a company with a staff to supervise and assist the advocates. Company's where you can find us are Schneider Electric, Horton Inc, US Engine Valve, Seneca Baptist Church and hopefully the expansion to many more!

Employment Services Individuals is a program that includes an on-site employment specialist that assists those that are ready to work alone in a career field of their choice. Our employee specialist is dedicated to match employment opportunities to the advocate.  Once they are proficient with the requirements of the job, the employment specialist fades from the company and monitor's progress.  If they are needed back in there to train for a new skill or retrain with an old one, they come back in to assist.

Outing and excursion services to adults with special needs and disabilities, located in Oconee County, SC..jpg


At Tribble Center, we believe that everyone should have access to fulfilling social activities. That's why we created the After-Hours program, which offers engaging and exciting leisure activities for advocates during weekends or evenings. Our program is designed specifically to allow advocates the opportunity to have fun and connect with friends. Our activities range from shopping to attending football games, and everything in between. We are committed to providing a limitless range of activities that cater to everyone's interests.

Included in the After-Hours program that helps to support the advocates is:

  • Staff dedicated to a safe and fun outing.

  • Trained Medical Technician so that prescribed medication can be administered.

  • Staff that are certified in First Aid and CPR.

  • An After-Hours coordinator that will contact each advocate to ask about outings or activities they would like to experience.

  • Transportation provided to and from the outing to ensure that the advocate is able to attend!

Kisha B.

“I have had 2 of my children go through the Early Intervention program and the EI staff have went above and beyond for my boys! I am proud to say that when my children come of age they will continue to prosper with the help of Tribble Center."

Margaret B.

"Tribble Center is a wonderful place that helps people like me in need. They give us jobs to help us make money, shelter over our heads and staff that loves us, that are like friends and family. Tribble Center makes life better for the Self-Advocates likes me"

Crystal Thomason

"My Zack absolutely loves going on the Out and About trips. The trips help him learn about places in the community. He loves to come home and share his experiences with the family!"
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